Saturday, November 11, 2006


Welcome to anyone who is interested in Landscapes and Gardening.
This is my first-ever blog, with the thoughts of there being many more. I have started this blog to try to help out others with their landscape needs. That may either be through finding exceptional products on the web, like pots or plants as well as finding fun projects or design ideas that someone might like to try at their home.
I would like to become a resource for everyone who loves Landscapes and Gardening.
So, to all welcome and enjoy.


Mo'Kelly said...

This is a great idea and the site design is beautiful! I love the mix of greens with a simple flower photo - Very aesthetically pleasing!
Yeah Chris!
And I promise to seek your advice the MOMENT we buy a yard; it will be at least a $200,000 yard after all... ;)
Love, Kelly

Layne Adams said...

We've come to know your needs to beautify your gardens or small spaces of your yard. And landscaping beverly ma will be at your side.